Block is the basic unit in Minecraft.

There are many blocks in the mod. Some blocks are upgradeable , some have inventory.

World-generated blocks

Color Description
Red Cannot be legitimately obtained. Only available using the /give command or via inventory editors.
Light Blue Cannot be obtained no matter what.(Some can be placed using /setblock)
Blue Available in Creative mode by item list.
Purple Available in Creative mode by block picking.
Teal Can be obtained by trading with villagers or in Creative mode.
Green Only available by having Enchanted tools or in Creative mode.
Lime Green Only available by having Enchanted tools or via use of /give or inventory editors, but unobtainable in the Creative mode menu.
Gray Unused data.

Naturally generated

"Naturally generated" includes blocks that are created through the world seed.

Icon Block Name
Small Stone
Big Rock
Copper Ore sevenDaysToMine:copperOre
Tin Ore sevenDaysToMine:tinOre
Zinc Ore sevenDaysToMine:zincOre
Lead Ore sevenDaysToMine:leadOre
Bush sevenDaysToMine:Bush
Blueberry Bush sevenDaysToMine:BlueberryBush
Mistletoe Bush sevenDaysToMine:MistletoeBush

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