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Tags: apiedit, Visual edit
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On 28th October 2015 i started to develop new version of 7 days to mine mod. Alpha 4.
On this page i will sometimes post some informations about progress.
Sadly again the new version will be completly rewrite of the previous versions.
=== '''29.1.2016''' ===
''Re-edit of "Player stats" GUI.''
[[File:2016-01-29 15.23.55.png|thumb|680x680px]]
"Old chest"
[[File:2016-01-29 15.25.23.png|thumb|680x680px]]
=== '''8.11.2015''' ===
=== '''28.11.2015''' ===
=== '''''28.11.2015''''' ===
''New HD texture of scrap iron armor.''
=== '''2.11.2015''' ===
''New main menu''
[[File:2015-11-02 23.47.22.png|thumb|680x680px]]
''What this blue line could be?''
[[File:2015-11-02 23.47.48.png|thumb|680x680px]]
''Recipe books?''
[[File:2015-11-02 23.49.16.png|thumb|680x680px]]
''Learned recipes?''

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