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This template uses Module:Inventory icon, a script written in Lua.

This template displays an image from {{inventory slot}}, only without adding a lot of the other styling and features.


The parameter |1= can be set to determine the icon displayed. If the icon does not exist in the inventory slot icons, it will attempt to display an image with the title in the format of Grid |1=.png.

The parameter |link= will set a link for when the image is clicked. If unset, the image will have no link.

The parameter |title= will set the title for when the image is moused over. If unset, the image will display the link as the title, or nothing if both are unset.


{{inventory icon|<Stone>}}


{{inventory icon|<Cobblestone>|<link=Mining>}}


{{inventory icon|<Oak Wood>|<link=Wood>|<title=Punch the wood!>}}


See also

  • {{Simple inventory slot}}

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