Updating the Wiki

Update log

ill add to this log as i make more significant changes to the wiki. the newest changes will appear furthest down, since that makes things easier for me, when editing this page. the first section was previous on the front page of the wiki, but have now been moved here.


hi everyone. i just got admin rights from Naparu00, to try and update this wiki.

i cant promise ill get it all done, nor anything about how long it will take, but at least ill give it a shot.

the first thing on my list, will be to upload all the pictures of items etc for the mod, after that comes creating individual pages for all the items, blocks, etc. if you feel like helping out, ill be glad for any help i can get. just look at the these images all needs their own page, so there is a lot to take from.


All images have now been uploaded. next up, is to make the individual pages, for every element of the mod. this will take time and will result in a lot empty pages, while i keep filling them out.


I can see that the activity on the wiki have risen in the last few weeks. i guess that means im doing a good job?

there isnt much actual info on the pages yet, as i want to create the pages for each item/block/mob first. i do it like that, to make it easier for myself, once i start filling in info like recipes etc. i also try to categorize all of them, so that it will be easier for you all to use, later on. but yeah... sorry for all the empty pages


The navigation bar at the top of the page have been remade, so that the buttons now sends you to existing pages, rather than empty ones.


Its been a long time since last time. sorry about that. The wiki now have over 200 pages and is starting to come together. i have around 100 more Items left to make pages for. after that ill have to check up on the Mobs and Structures Before i start on the GUI's and the Status effects.


All items have a empty page for them now. next up is the blocks

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